So we’ve established that we made it to Japan, that it’s been raining and that typing on an iPhone is a bit laborious (not to mention that capital letters in the middle of words is a bit primary school but it’s harder work to turn the auto-corrector off).
You’ll be pleased to be have it confirmed that the joys of flying have increased not at all and that cardboard soaked in your favourite food flavouring is both tastier and probably more nutritious than aeroplane food. At least none of our fellow travellers succeeded in giving us Mexican hog flu thanks to my flu-resistant face mask. And that none of us probably had it in the first place.
A lack of connecting flights meant we had to hang around Narita airport for a whole day. I’d hoped to visit nearby Narita town and sleep under a tree in the park there but it was raining so we stuck to the airport. Luckily there were plenty of shops to visit and when that got boring, we could take a trip to the top deck to watch the plane spotters. There’s not that many different types of plane in the world, especially not at an international airport so I assume they’re getting photos of the same plane with different paint jobs and in different poses: taking off, landing, taxiing. The keen spotters have radio sets for listening to the air traffic controllers.
After all that excitement, we had to have a little lie-down on the comfy airport seats. With second lunch and first and second afternoon teas thrown in, it was soon time to hop on the plane to Sapporo. An article in the English language paper on the plane noted that Japan’s two latest hog flu cases were a couple of employees from Narita airport but my anti-flu mask seems to have done the trick.
Kazuko’s dad and brother-in-law were prepared to meet us at the airport but we’re in flu quarantine from some of the others so at least we were able to get straight to our flat in Sapporo and get some proper sleep.

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