Sick sick sick. It is simply unreasonable to be sick in summer. Especially when the weather is perfect outside. And to rub salt into the wounds, the Japanese have an expression that only fools get sick in summer. If you’re going to call me foolish, at least do it for something I have some small control over. I think it’s just gloating by people who have coincidentally managed not to get sick. I’m particularly annoyed because I had planned to ride my bike up to the mountains to the north of town for the first time. Oh well – maybe this weekend I’ll get the chance.

I even had to take time off work at the konbeni but to stay in touch, I’ve been visualising stocking the shelves and trying to remember where all the products are kept. That’s dedication for you. Especially when there are more than a dozen different types of canned coffee in there. Including one called Boss that features a bloke who looks a lot to me like Uncle Joe Stalin:

Drink my coffee or it's off to the gulag for you!

Drink my coffee or it's off to the gulag for you!

Another gem from the Suntory beverage company. Although I don’t know whether Uncle Joe would approve of the rainbow blend:

I always have a little chuckle when I’m stocking Calpis Soda:

Calpis - get it?

Calpis - get it?

And I only ever seem able to think of drug-cheating cyclists whenever I’m loading the fridge with Gerolsteiner mineral water. Although I can’t say I didn’t miss the bobbling and highly-slappable head of Bernie Kohl in the mountain stages of this year’s Tour de France, I don’t think it’s done the Gerolsteiner brand any damage. I’d happily drink the stuff if I didn’t have reservations about the wastefulness of bottling and transporting a substance which is already pretty ubiquitous in the first world.

Also while I’ve been ill, I’ve tried to stay abreast of developments in the Japanese media. It’s election time now and it looks pretty likely that the Liberal Democratic Party will be out on its ear for (I think) just the second time since 1956. The direct effect of this election for me is that the peace of the neighbourhood is constantly shattered by politicians or their minions driving round in vans fitted with speakers blaring their propaganda. I’m sure it must annoy everyone but if they buy enough of these lucky cats, it’ll probably make up for it.

The key to electoral success.

The key to electoral success.

And lastly, being sick has allowed me to lie on the sofa trying to enjoy our recently-installed pay TV. There’s not a lot on but the sports channels show quite a bit of cycling including the whole Vuelta A España live. Looks like I won’t be getting much sleep from this Saturday night.


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