You’ll have noticed that on this blog’s sidebar, I have put a widget that displays my Twitter posts. This is because in this socially networked internet age, we don’t do things for their own sake any more, we do them so we can tell the world about them on Twitter (or Facebook or whatever). So tune in here to see my Twitter feed which will contain exciting updates such as: ‘Walking up steps. Halfway there!’, ‘Having a shower. Phone’s getting wet! LOL’ or ‘Crashed bike. Blood everywhere! ROFL!!’.

Twitter’s also handy for pretending you’re friends with famous people. I feel I’m part of obsessive twitterer Lance Armstrong‘s family now but I’m disappointed that the DiLuca has stopped posting on account of the conspiracy or conspiracies against him. And one of the people that I follow is multi-lingual twitterer and the first Japanese to finish a Tour de France, Fumiyuki Beppu. So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email letting me know that Fumy (now that we’re buddies, I feel I can be more familiar) is also now following my Twitter:

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 9.06.02 AM

That’s right, I’m now one of Fumy Beppu’s 5000 best buddies. To give credit where it’s due, if that many people were following my Twitter, I’d be far too lazy to sit down and click the follow this person back button 5000 times. It also makes me wonder about the people he’s not following. In any case, because he’s so nicely brought me in to the inner circle, I’ve decided to become a proper Fumy Beppu fan boy. I’ve written his name on my pencil case and everything. But I’m also putting Fumy’s Twitter feed up on the right hand side there so you can keep up with him as well. And here’s a picture of him doing a bunny hop after the Tour:

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