It’s early doors yet but I’m showing no signs of being sick of snow. On the other hand, I was sick of a cold over the weekend so I could only stay indoors and enjoy watching some pretty heavy snowfall until yesterday when I got to go for a walk to the bank with Kazuko. Sad to say she doesn’t share my enthusiasm for frolicking in the snow and our walks are generally punctuated with her telling me grow up or asking me my age (I’m 38 in January – you’d think she would know that by now).

She may be smiling here but that's because I haven't started throwing snowballs yet.

We had such a good load of snow that all the bike seats have snow afros and the baskets are full:

No need for a kick stand.

I can now see why everyone put so much effort into tying up all their plants before the snow started and it’s fascinating the way the snow changes the streetscape. It’s no longer so clear where the footpath ends and the road begins. I’ve also realised traffic lights by themselves aren’t so effective if you can’t see any markings on the road or intersecting streets. I’ve seen a couple of cars drive into empty intersections before realising they should have stopped.

and there's even a little snow plow that clears the footpaths.

I took a detour into the park, but Kazuko wasn’t having any of that nonsense and stayed on the footpath.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to go and play in that?

It was bad enough that I went for a walk through snow up to my knees. I didn't dare risk doing the obvious and sitting on that bench. I think a snowman may be absolutely out of the question.

I think I really need to borrow a child from someone so I can play in the snow without proper grown-ups tutting at me.


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