It was not particularly Christmassy here yesterday. Oddly enough, Kazuko going to work was about the only thing that usually happens in our Christmas routine – the curse of being a nurse. Yesterday, of course, she was joined by the bulk of the population as it’s not a holiday here. I had a go on the indoor trainer and headed down to the local public baths to relax in the hot water. There’s nothing like sitting naked in a hot tub outside while a bit of snow falls on you. As Kaz and I had already opened our Christmas presents when they arrived (thanks Mum and Dad!), the only Christmas thing we had to do was go to town and look at the Christmas lights in Odori Park. We were amazed to see massive queues at the Kentucky Fried Chickens we passed. Seriously, if you got to KFC and there was a queue, surely you’d just walk off and get something else? The big-wigs at KFC must be turning to religion just to find someone to thank for their good fortune in the whole of Japan deciding that KFC must be eaten at Christmas. Anyway, here are some photos I took in the park before Kazuko and I did that thing where you walk around for an hour past a hundred restaurants because none of them fit the narrow but vague and indecisive guidelines in your head. We settled for pasta in the end.

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