Can I start by pointing out that even Kazuko complained that my last post was boring? And this after she censored her photo in it. The gall. In any case, today’s mostly pictorial blog entry is dedicated to all the good folk of Perth who had a nice, warm 43 degree day today. In contrast, we woke up to find it had snowed pretty heavily in the night and continued to snow until the late morning. After that the sun came out so Kaz and I went for a walk to town.

It's wise not to stand under eaves once the sun comes out.

The snow from the road and footpath is starting to pile up quite high. I think it's going to be pretty wet when it warms up again.

Good to see community-minded people out with their own snow-clearing equipment.

So that's why people tied all their trees up at the end of autumn.

Maybe I should be less of a wimp and go for a ride after all. This guy wasn't getting too far on the soft snow though.

I don't think these bikes will be ridden this winter somehow.

I think that’s a car under there.

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