Bah. What a miserable week and a bit. I’m not sick of the snow yet (lovely, fluffy snow – you’re my friend) but I can see why winter makes people miserable – trapped inside with little to do. To make matters worse, I’ve managed to pick up a cold or virus or something which has spent the last week or so visiting different parts of my respiratory system and is at the moment manifesting itself as a dry, hacking cough. At least it’s not painful to swallow any more. Stupid bloody cold. I haven’t even been able to ride on my indoor trainer and, as you can see, it’s making me whine like an irritating teenager. I haven’t even replied to comments about my last post so briefly – yes, it’s a car. is it a question mark. Rob – come one, everyone likes snow, it’s slush, ice, extreme cold and slipping over while crossing the road that people don’t like. Mum – I’ve put some in the post for you. Hope it gets there alright. And Chong – it’s fine for kids to be in there as long as they’ve been left with a bottle of fizzy drink and a packet of chips. Isn’t that right, Mum?

Anyway, enough of this moaning. I’ve made a decision to cheer me up. I don’t think my university goes back until April and possibly not until the middle of April so I’ve decided to take my Long Haul Trucker bicycle as far south as I can go by train (or Kagoshima, whichever is first) and ride north for the next month and a bit. Maybe I’ll even manage to get back to Sapporo in that time. Leaving in March seems a good idea because it gives me a month to plan; it’ll be a bit warmer (average maximum temperatures in the teens in the south); and there’s a cheap train pass I can use to get to the starting point and then to get home again if I don’t make it back to Sapporo in that time. Also the cherry blossoms come out at the end of March so there’s a good chance they’ll catch up with me on the ride.

I bought the LHT with the idea of doing this ride so I’m happy to think it’s finally coming to fruition. Kazuko’s and my plan for this summer is to ride around Hokkaido (feel free to join us) so I thought I might not get to do this ride until next year but right now I’ve got the time on my hands so I might as well use it. I may well post planning ideas on the blog as I come up with them over the next month so if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to email me or post them in the comments.

Righto – planning to do. This has cheered me up immeasurably. By the way, it’s my birthday tomorrow so be sure to wish me all the best in the comments. 38 – who’d’ve thought I could achieve so little in such a long time. I’m nearly old enough to have a mid-life crisis. Oh hang on, what else do you call trying to cycle the length of Japan?

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