Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes that I requested. I’ve had a lovely day so far. I’m still a little ill but definitely on the mend and I struggled out of the house for the much-anticipated crab lunch so Kazuko and I went to town to stalk the giant crab:

Sometimes its legs move but they didn't today. Not that you'd notice in a photo anyway.

I admit I was a bit frightened it would jump off the wall and attack me for wanting to eat its relatives and as you can see, it’s quite a large crab:

The people in those cars don't look as nervous as they should with that big crab lurking just above them.

Luckily we managed to get in safely and even got a table despite the young lady from the welcoming committee’s surprise that we had no reservation. Here’s the sisters choosing my meal for me:

In Japan it's against the law not to give the V for victory when someone points a camera at you.

And now due to popular demand (Cam asked a question in the comments of the last post) here is a look at some of the things we ate:

Crab and crab tofu.

Crab and some other stuff served in a crab shell.

Crab sushi rolls and miso soup with crab.

Crab ice-cream. Just kidding. It's green tea ice-cream.

There were other dishes but how many photos do you need? I then rounded the day off by buying a new camera lens for my upcoming bike ride and a book of maps for Japan so I can plan my route. I’ve worked out a rough route from Kagoshima until Tokyo but now I just need to fill in the details for a more accurate guess of how long it will take but leaving leeway to alter plans for if I want to ride further or not so far each day or find out about something interesting along the way that I might want to visit. At the moment I’m planning around riding about 100km a day. I’m interested in suggestions for what music I should take with me. Bear in mind I have about 3GB of space for music on the iphone and I’ll only be listening in the afternoons and evenings once I’ve finished riding and have settled in to accommodation. Suggestions anyone? And now I’m off to the supermarket to get some beer to help me celebrate my birthday (and some bread and milk, too but that’s not so celebratory).

Addendum: In fact I got wine. That’s the sort of crazy spontaneous decision I like to make. If anyone’s interested, my mum has posted a baby photo of me on her blog. If that’s the sort of thing you like.

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