Bike’s packed, bags are packed and the train leaves at 2.05pm today. I haven’t weighed everything but I’m sure it’s more than 20kg all up. This shouldn’t be a problem while cycling but it’s going to be cumbersome lugging all this stuff around the train station. It’s about 23 hours on the train to Osaka and I’ll be happy when I get out of the train station and can start putting the bike back together. I’m meeting my friend Richard in Osaka and then cycling back to his place.

I’m still not completely sure how I’ll start my trip but I’ll probably end up cycling all the way through Osaka to Wakayama where I’ll catch the ferry across to Tokushima and from there I won’t have too many route decisions to make – I’ll start at temple 1 and then visit all the temples in numerical order. I think it should be about 1400km but because I’m not under any time pressure, I may decide to sidetrack a little as I go.

I’ll try to give updates as often as I can along the way by posting pictures either here or on twitter so you can either follow my twitter feed or just check here for updates as my twitter feed is off to the right there. And I’ll try to put up a blog post every evening of what I’ve been up to during the day. They may be shorter than usual as it’s a bit slow typing on the iphone and my concentration span is short.




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