G’day all. I’ve been lying low in Osaka for the past few days. I think I may finally have caught up with all my sleep and I’m ready to enjoy the weekend before heading back to Sapporo on Monday. I will be taking Greg W’s advice and getting my hands on some surgical gloves for disassembling my bike for the trip home. Until then, though, I have a busy weekend of tourism planned, including a trip to Universal Studios theme park this afternoon. I may well twitter occassionally about my whereabouts during the course of the weekend.

Back in Sapporo, I’ll be able to go through the photos I took and look over my diary and see what I’ve neglected to include in my earlier posts. So Rob P – expect extended thoughts and an epilogue of sorts. And yes, Robo – there are plans afoot for a Bruce and Kazuko tour of Hokkaido over a couple of weeks in the summer. Until then, I imagine the blog will go back to its usual trivialities.

And just to clarify, there isn’t actually a time limit for the pilggrimage. One trouble with posting via the iphone (apart from the rampant typos) is that I never re-read any of my posts and had no idea where I repeated my self or what information I neglected to include (I still haven’t re-read them, by the way). So, the time-limit wasn’t on the pilgrimage, but the book-signing desk at each temple closes at 5pm each day. Had I been late for temple 88, I would have had to ride the 50km to Tokushima where I was staying that night, then ride back out again the next day. And then back to Tokushima again. No terrible drama but certainly a nuisance. Much better to finish it all in a nice, tidy sequence.

And lastly, thanks for all the comments and encouragements while I was riding. I enjoyed hearing from everyone. Righto – that’s all from me for probably about a week. Do check back for pilgrimage photos and the missing days.


By the way, I’ve uploaded my gps files from all the days of riding. Garmin is a bit odd with the links but I think if you follow this one, you’ll get a list of the rides: http://connect.garmin.com/explore?owner=brollerson


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