I’m back in Sapporo and pleased to note that although there’s plenty of snow around, the roads are clear and even a wimp like me can put on lots of clothes and go for a bike ride. Today, however, I have to go to something called work but it’s just a meeting and I don’t think proper work starts for another week and a half or so. Or maybe it starts next week – I’m sure to find out at the meeting.

I’ve finally been able to look through the photos I took during the pilgrimage and have turned some of them into a slideshow. I’ll probably spend the next few months playing around with the photos in my free time (yes, this is the sort of thing I do) until I come up with a group of favourites but by then I’m sure no-one will be too interested any more, so I’m pleased to present the following slideshow. Unfortunately, I can’t embed it here, so here is the link to it:


And because it’s 16 minutes long, here’s a link to it if you want to download it. It’s a 66.5MB zip file. Download it, extract it into a folder, then double click on index.html and that ought to open it in your web browser to watch.


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