I went shopping on Monday. It was a nice afternoon for a ride so I took the pista through the university grounds and into town, where I parked it illegally against a rail directly next to a no parking sign. One day I’ll find out that they actually do police these things but for the moment, I reckon if there’s another 20 bikes or so in the same place, I’ll be safe.

The department store Loft has now moved into the same building as Bic Camera, so I was able to do all my shopping in the same place. I got a square pyrex dish, some Cadbury fruit and nut bars, a Wonka’s Whipple Scrumptious Caramel Delight bar, V-brakes, a bottle cage, a bell and a wireless router. Yes, all from the same building.

I made apple crumble and cooked it in the pyrex dish and my next goal is to make lasagna. I’m 38 years old and I’ve never made lasagna. It will happen over the next week. The V-brakes will have to wait until I can get some linear-pull brake levers for the Trucker’s drop bars, the bell is on my pista so I can ring it at pedestrians who get in my way while I’m cycling on the footpath and the new bottle cage is on my Mono-Q and I’ve transferred the Mono-Q’s celeste green bottle cage to Kazuko’s mini-velo where it matches the colour perfectly and looks very cool. The Wonka’s chocolate bar, I have to admit, was a little disappointing.

Whipple scrumptious

I was prepared for it not to live up to the expectations of real (and by real, of course, I mean fictional) Wonka’s chocolate but it was actually one of those bars where they take chocolate that should be in pieces and presented to you in a box but instead join them together with a thin strip of chocolate:

Free my chocolate! These belong in a box.

I mustn’t complain too hard, though. I ate the lot.

Anyway, the point of this post is that even two days later, when I stand up from my desk, I still take a big step so I don’t trip over the computer cable that isn’t there any more thanks to the new wireless router.

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