Except for the question of spelling, lasagne is no longer a mystery to me. I studied Jamie Oliver’s website, investigated Nigella’s opinion, checked the dictionary to see whether lasagne is the plural of lasgna, had no joy and finally looked up Delia’s website because her recipes usually don’t call for ingredients that are only available in the more fashionable boutiques of London. Good luck trying to get fontina or taleggio cheese at a Japanese supermarket but thanks for giving two impossible options there, Jamie. In the end I ignored them all and made a bolognese sauce and a macaroni cheese sauce and that seemed to do the trick:

I’m not about to open a restaurant any time soon but my lasagne is definitely better than my singing.

And now on to the next spot the difference. The last one was quite tricky because there really was just the one difference (two if you include a slight change in camera angle between the two photos). I got a new bottle cage for my mono-q, so Kazuko’s mini-velo was able to inherit the celeste cage that came with my bike. To celebrate the unity of colours, she went out and got herself a Bianchi water bottle. Actually, now that I think of it, I suspect she deliberately left her purse at home to make me pay for it. Anyway, the first correct answer went to James. And now I’m pleased to present Kazuko’s next fiendish spot the difference:

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