The headline sums up today’s cycling activity. It’s only reasonable that a rainy week should be followed by a sunny weekend. This week I finally sorted the Trucker’s brakes out. The old brakes needed only a hint of moisture to squeal more disturbingly than Ned Beatty in Deliverance and their braking power wasn’t too flash either, as I learnt while having to cautiously descend many of the steep slopes on Shikoku. But that’s all a thing of the past, as I’ve taken Robo’s advice and fitted V-brakes and linear pull drop levers.

Not satisfied with the 200km brevet ride, I’ve gone and entered a 300km one which is coming up in a couple of weeks. The last one was mostly flat but this one is pretty hilly. It takes in some of the roads I rode last year when I cycled to Niseko. At the time, I described it as the toughest 100km I had done. I hope I’m stronger now. Because of the length of the ride, I’ve decided to do it on my touring bike, the Long Haul Trucker, because it’s also the more comfortable of my bikes and I think I’ll probably be grateful for that over the last 100km or so. I’ve fitted the Trucker with thinner 28mm tyres and took it for a spin on today’s ride. It seemed to go well. I hope I’ll be able to say the same thing in two weeks’ time.

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