Winter is creeping ever closer and I believe there’s a chance of snow later in the week so every time I get out for a bike ride could be the last. I hope we can get in another two or three weeks of cycling before the roads become impassable for bicycles without snow tyres. I managed to get a couple of rides in this weekend, both in roughly the same area. The first with the boys on Saturday and the second with the ladies on Sunday. Sunday’s ride was a bit painful for me because my knees were hurting. I think I’ve gone and adjusted my saddle or something, then forgotten what I’ve done. This is the problem with tinkering with the bike because you’re at home and bored.

As with last week, this week’s post is mainly pictorial but I have finally broken down and experimented with trying to improve my photos by making them look as if they were taken in the 1970s then left to fade on the Kingswood dashboard for several years. I spent a small amount of time yesterday afternoon downloading presets for Adobe Lightroom which even do all the work for me. I believe I have to upgrade to a newer version of Lightroom to get rough borders and film grain and such. In any case, here’s what last weekend’s riding would have looked like if I had done it in 1976.

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