I wouldn’t live with me for eight years, but Kazuko has. I’m not sure whether to offer her congratulations or condolences so instead here’s a photo of us on our wedding day that I’ve had to steal from my mother’s blog because I still haven’t got around to getting my old hard drive working again:

If she knew then what she does now.

I believe we’re going out to dinner this weekend and then off to an onsen the weekend after or something. Feel free to send us a gift. I include below the list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts, in case you had forgotten them or have other friends with anniversaries pending:

1st paper; suggested gift: copy of The Rider by Tim Krabbe or anything by Matt Rendell
2nd cotton; suggested gift: cycling cap of any team that has not existed for at least 20 years
3rd leather; suggested gift: Brooks leather handlebar tape, Sidi cycling shoes
4th latex; suggested gift: lightweight inner tubes
5th wood; suggested gift: Scalextric have been licensed to produce souvenir velodromes for the 2012 Olympics
6th sugar; suggested gift: 25-pack of Carboshotz
7th wool; suggested gift: retro cycling jersey or Icebreaker woollen bib shorts
8th salt (UK) bronze (US); suggested gift: hydration tablets would be inappropriate for this occasion. However, bronze is almost certainly used somewhere in power meter construction
9th pottery; suggested gift: ceramic bearings
10th aluminium; suggested gift: BBB bottle cage (or an FG Lite frame)
11th steel; suggested gift: Bianchi Pista, Surly Pacer, Colnago Master X Light
12th – 24th carbon
25th titanium


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