The team is assembled, the bags are just about packed and we are ready to leave at the crack of not too long after we wake up and have a couple of cups of coffee tomorrow morning. Oh yes, early spring is here and the time is right for cycling on the streets.

While Kazuko was watching some sort of wedding on the telly last night, I caught the train out to the airport to meet Damian. You’ll remember Damian from the end of my Shikoku pilgrimage ride last year when we met up in Tokushima as I finished and he was starting.

Damian setting off on the Shikoku pilgrimage.

This year he’s back to join Kazuko and me as we make our way around the eastern part of Hokkaido. He’s also on a different bike. He made a last-minute decision not to take his Long Haul Trucker but instead to buy a more travel-friendly Brompton folding bike. We went for a little test ride today to make sure everything works.

Even Kazuko's mini-velo wheels are bigger.

And there they go.

I’ll find out tomorrow how it looks all loaded for touring. After a strenuous ride down the river and back, we found ourselves at the beer tasting shop at the Sapporo Factory shopping centre.

Damian tries out the caramel beer.

Any wheel size will do.

Kazuko has had an organisational panic attack which means we have our accommodation all booked for the first week and our plan still looks like this:

First few days cycling.

Our plan is to get to Obihiro on the fourth, where we will meet Mr Kon. Kazuko and Damian will have a rest day while Mr Kon and I ride the 200km Obihiro brevet which is on the 5th. I’m undecided about whether to take the panniers with me for this one or not.


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