She’s still pretty chilly out but the clouds cleared today and we had a tailwind the whole way. We had a pretty happy ride along the coast, passing through what seemed an endless procession of fishing villages. With mountains on one side of us and the beach on the other, there was often just enough room for a row of houses on one side of the road.

We didn’t see a lot of fishing, presumably because that happens further out to sea, but we saw people wandering the mud flats collecting shellfish and plenty of seaweed reaping activity. People getting seaweed from the water, dragging seaweed across the road, laying seaweed out to dry, turning over the drying seaweed and gathering the dried seaweed into bundles. The seaweed-based action never stopped.

On the road, Damian showed he’s found his legs and come to grips with the Brompton’s gearing as he managed to drop me and Kazuko on a flat stretch somewhere in the middle of the day. He battled manfully out of the saddle up the climbs but couldn’t hold us out to the top of the second of the climbs he came to. Kazuko, unencumbered by luggage, remains Queen of the Mountains and also of the Tunnels as the darkness and noisy echoes spooked her and like a startled gazelle she took flight in the tunnel, possibly reaching as much as 40kmh and leaving Damian well in her wake.

By the time we got to Erimo town, it as though we were leaving civilisation far behind but we still managed to find a restaurant for a slap-up lunch. We knew tonight’s campsite was going to be pretty remote and didn’t want to eat konbini food for all three of the day’s meals. We’ve had konbini onigiri for dinner and as I look over at Kazuko’s bag, it seems my breakfast will be a Snickers bar. Yum. As ever, I leave you with a collection of photos from the day.

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