On the bright side today was a short leg – just 50km – and we didn’t have any punctures or mechanical failures. Apart from that, there wasn’t much to recommend it. We farewelled Mr Kon and he waved us goodbye and rode back to Obihiro in plenty of time to catch the 2:30pm bus back to Sapporo.

The remaining three of us set off into a headwind and a light, misty rain that from time to time turned into proper rain. The mist hid the landscape from us and, as the only road we could take to Kushiro is a main highway, we spent the day being past by noisy trucks and buffeted by them as they went by. Kazuko and I rode ahead of Damian but chatting since, we all agreed there was little good to be found in the riding today.

Tomorrow we move away from the coastline and start heading inland toward lakes and mountains. The road we are taking looks nice and quiet so we can hope at least the absence of trucks will make the riding more pleasant. I think rain is still in the forecast,though.

Finally – thanks for all the many comments in the last few posts. I meant to reply to them this evening but I’ve already lost my usually unflappable temper at the internet for being slow so I think that’s a good sign that I ought to go to bed instead. I’m not sure where we’re staying tomorrow but I hope it has some sort of internet so I can get on to replying. Cheers and good night.


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