Little to report on today’s transition stage. No photos today, either. It was grey and a little rainy all day and Kazuko and I were quite content to cruise along comfortably with a strong tailwind so we didn’t particularly feel like stopping in the rain.

We had a large, tasty breakfast at our minshuku (Marine Shiretoko – if you are planning on visiting, I can highly recommend this one) featuring seafood delights such as more salmon roe, menme and tsubu (sorry – couldn’t find translations).

Riding along the coast down the peninsula, we rode in and out of several bays and past waterfalls to our left before getting out of the mountains and on to flat farming land.

The wind pushed us along quite nicely and we were making such good progress we didn’t stop to eat. We turned inland and off the main road to take a more direct route to Yobito.

Once on the back road that would take us to Yobito, the rain settled in properly so that by the time we got here and checked in to our cheap ryokan, we were content to spend our afternoon resting in front of the heater in our room.

Damian didn’t have it quite so good. Our decisions to take back roads had so far been successful but today whereas Kazuko and I had the wind at our backs on the flat but not too busy main road, Damian’s back road got hilly and he had quite a long haul here in the rain. He looks happier now that he’s warmed up and got his washing done.

Local weather reports look a bit grim for the next couple of days but luckily we are now headed south where the weather report has a picture of a sun as well as a cloud and forecast temperature higher than 10 degrees. Sounds sultry.

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