We are at Lake Akan, home of the marimo ball moss. Unfortunately, it’s been raining since we arrived so I haven’t been able to have the look around that I was hoping for, especially finding out more about the marimo. It’s also a bit of hotbed of Ainu culture and the tourist shops are full of both marimo and Ainu carvings. I managed to get a photo of my old friend Marimokkori as well. He seems to have picked up a marimo girlfriend, which is something of a relief.

Although it’s raining now, we didn’t get rained on during our ride, which is always a good thing. Kazuko’s dad rode his big motorbike out to see us today and rode along with us for bits of the ride in between, I suspect, very long cigarette breaks. Damian is a bit of a motorcycle fancier and enjoyed inspecting Kazuko’s father’s bike. Apparently the US version of this Goldwing doesn’t come with a windscreen wiper.

Today’s ride was fairly straight forward, through a lot of farm land and back into the mountains. We ended with a reasonably long but steady climb. I didn’t get the Trucker out of the big ring and Damina informs me he managed to keep the Brompton out of its lowest gear.

The weather forecast sounds cold for tomorrow, so I may not have much to report but I’m hopeful it will start to improve again after that.






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