Ha ha – there’s literally no end of Pista-based puns and I’m not taking the Pista, there. I managed not to replicate my spazzy speed hump near-miss with some judicious application of the forward brake (I very rarely use the aft brake). Here’s how the Pista is looking with fancy white handlebar tape:

It's a modest speed.

and a nice, still morning on the river.

Also, my cousin Alastair has alerted me to what appears to be a fixed gear crack down in Tokyo. Readers are urged to contact police if they see one and to help out they have the ladies demonstrating what one looks like*

This is not a respectable bicycle.

And a graphic to help you spot one:

The forward-slanted saddle is a give-away.

No bar tape, top tube padding and silly saddle. I was wrong yesterday – I haven’t nearly gone full hipster yet.

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