My initial plan for today was to get up early and ride out to Pickering Brook for the masters race then ride home again. However, by last night, I had a feeling I would rather spend today doing very little. One of the things I particularly like about cycling as a sport is that I have no obligation to regularly show up anywhere. No one counts on my presence, so when I wake up, as I did today, and decide I would rather spend the day doing the washing and a handful of other chores about the house, I’m at liberty to do this. I now have lots of clean, but unironed, clothes and, for a change, I’m not exhausted on Sunday night.

I was alos able to make use of my bonus free time to go for a walk with my camera. I haven’t found much time to take photos lately but the flowers are starting to come out. I bought a good macro lens a few years ago and I never feel I’ve used it enough. The lens is wonderful but I need a lot more practice at using it. I love the effect of its narrow depth of field but it’s quite a challenge getting the things I want in focus. There was a bit of wind about today so the flowers wouldn’t stay still for me and nor would the insects I saw. Luckily, it’s just the start of spring so I should be able to get plenty of practice over the next few months. In the meantime, here are the pictures I liked best from today:

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