It’s good to see the term epicicity taking off. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it is so much more poetic than the commonplace epicness. Slip it into a conversation today: ‘The facial hair on that man has a certain epicicity’, ‘There was a wonderful epicicity about our ride today’.

But back to last Sunday’s epicicity, I took along my point and shoot camera for photos but I did a bit of videoing with it as well. It’s probably not fashionable to admit it, but I really quite like the Rapha videos. I think they are well made and the scenery is always stunning. They really inspire me to ride. However, they do have more than their share of epic facial hair and legendary tattoos. And I generally cringe as soon as anyone opens their mouth. I’m jealous of the people in the videos because they are getting to go on a wonderful ride but at the same time, they need reminding that they are not the first people ever to go on a long ride or, indeed, to exert themselves a little while doing that.

When I looked at the videos I took last Sunday, because it was just me and Chong riding, it is basically a documentary of Chong going for a ride. I was trying to get him to grimace and pretend he was Raphaesque pain but when I looked at those bits, they just looked a bit silly, so I cut them out. I couldn’t find any music that seemed to fit well, so I had the idea of compiling all the silly things that people say on the Rapha videos and using them instead. While I was looking at the videos for the best quotes, I found a link to the website of the guy who does the background music for the Rapha videos – Keegan DeWitt. He even lets you download his stuff from the website. I’m not sure this means he lets you use it in your crappy cycling video but then I’m mildly confident the following video will be looked at fewer than 20 times before disappearing forever into the obscurity of the internet. I present to you Chong’s ride in the Perth Alps last Sunday: (Better to click on the vimeo link, though and watch it full screen – it’s HD, you know)

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