The in-laws are here, which is excellent because I’ve taken a week off work to be their chauffeur. Yesterday we went to the chocolate shop and the wildlife park. Please note, it is now law that any photo displayed on the internet must have some sort of effect and vignetting applied. I’m sorry – it’s out of my hands.

This is what chocolate looks like, in case you're unfamiliar with it.


And here's what Kaz looks like when she's eying off chocolate.


Mama went full Japanese grandma for this trip. She's even wearing gloves to keep the sun off her hands.


Sakurako gets stuck into the free sample chocolate.


Kangaroos are very friendly when they think you might have food.

Two friends.


Someone's starting to look hot and tired.

A koala.


Another koala. They're not really bears, you know.



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