Just got back from a night ride with Matt and Vince from Elite Racing Cycles. We left for the hills just after the shop closed, stopped for dinner at the Sapporo Japanese restaurant along the way, then hit the Perth Alps.

The route we took.

Rob, on his way home. No night ride for him.

Steve encouraging Matt to drink more before riding in the dark.

Vince as seen from over my shoulder on the bike path.

Matt and Vince have just one set of Elite Racing Cycles kit between them.

I had a grape Calpis at the Sapporo restaurant.

The Sapporo has seen better days. The sushi was pretty nice, though.

Back on the path. There are hills to climb, you know.

I took them up the longest hill I could think of...

...it made Vince look tired.

But some descending and a toilet stop soon had him back to his chipper best.

Those are the lights of Perth on the left, those are.

Vince is from the US so he wanted to show me a new gesture he's learnt.

Nearly home. Matt looks about ready for a lie-down.

And back at Rollerson Towers, Matt admires the portaloo on the verge.


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