I’ve been loitering about the bike shop even more than usual this week and suggested it was time for another night ride. Vince volunteered to come along again and our original plan was to ride three dams in the dark. That’s about 160km so was probably never going to happen but we did end up doing a bit more than 100km by the time we got home.

Here's Vince early in the night. Looks keen, doesn't he?

We stopped at Alfred's Kitchen for a burger. Vince had the cheeseburger. Later he told me he's lactose intolerant.

I got stuck into a hamburger. And some special dehydrating chips.

Look how happy he looks. We haven't gone up any hills yet.

The remainder of this post is really just a collection of photos of Vince. This is because neither Matt nor Chong came along.

There he is again. It's dark now.

Starting to look a little tired.

Checking out Mundaring Weir. It's there behind him.

Finally cracked him.

Nearly home. Just the descent of Mills Road to go.

The Mills Road descent was excellent. I was pretty nervous going into some dark corners so never really got much faster than 60kph but the view of the city lights was rather special. Obviously I was enjoying descending too much to stop to take a photo.

And here's where we went.

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