Whereas my friends in the northern hemisphere, such as those boys at Charlie Bucket Cycles, are getting excited because the snow is melting and they can ride on the road again, here in sunny Perth, gateway to the Pilbara, the weather is finally cooling enough that we can go for longer rides without being cooked in the sun. Today, instead of the usual Elite Racing Cycles 6.30am ride, I met up with Alf and Byron for a friendly cruise in the hills Perth Alps. Byron always beats me in the time trials but he’s stepped it up even more lately. He’s competing in the UCI World Cycling Tour time trial on Rottnest Island this Thursday and is targetting the event. And the hills are to Alf what the briar patch is to Brer Rabbit. It’s always a pleasure to struggle behind these two.

Here's where we went.

Here are the boys, heading up Brookton Highway.

Alf's cornering technique.

Attacking the climb.

We had done a short cut to avoid Wungong Dam but just after the photo above was taken we were talking about how tough the climb out of it was and Alf decided he wanted to do it, so we turned around and descended into the dam. It was worth it. It always is. It’s a lovely place.

Me and Alf by the dam.

Byron surveys the dam.

And the coffee afterward was pretty nice, too.

Oh and Alf got the coffee and muffin in. Thanks Alf!

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