When I turned old earlier this year, some of my old school friends were kind enough to give me a couple of tickets to the Perth track cycling grand prix. There are some pretty good riders this year as the world championships are on in Melbourne in a couple of weeks. We got a lift out with Mike Ng


And Uncle Jason


Burger time! (Thanks Uncle Jason)

We stopped for a burger on the way out there and then settled in for a night of track racing. I’d never been to the track before and found it a pretty enjoyable evening. Those corner banks are a lot steeper than they seem on television. There was a Japanese team of pretty young guys who were a bit out of their depth but tried hard and there was one Japanese guy, Watanabe, who had his own entourage and looked pretty strong. I think he won the pursuit (I could be wrong about this) and was looking good in the keirin but a couple of dutch guys got the jump on him in the final and he got trapped in by riders around him so didn’t have a chance. We enjoyed cheering for him, anyway. And cheering for everyone else, for that matter. I’m looking forward to going again.

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