Cripes the legs were heavy this morning. In fact, they are still heavy now. It amazes me that professional cyclists, even with all the post-race support they have, can get out of bed and keep racing hard for the length of a grand tour, or even for one of the shorter multi-day cycling races. It’s one thing to go bicycle touring, spin the pedals all day long and keep that up for weeks but the bursts of speed needed for racing do a lot of damage to the muscles. In any case, that’s why I slept in and rode to work the short way this morning.

I’m quite lucky to live fairly close to work and get to choose whether to ride the long or short way in. The short way is less than 5km and the long way just over 20km and more scenic. Here’s a map of the long way. I’m pretty sure you can roughly guess where the short way goes.

This is the way I rode home today.

The longer ride takes me through Kings Park and along the river. I don’t want to give too much away this early in the People’s Grand Tour or  I may have nothing to write about by week three. The ride through Kings Park is always pretty pleasant and if I’m in the mood I sometimes do a lap or two of the park before continuing home. Today I was pretty keen to get straight home.

She lives under the steps at work.

It’s a pleasant entry into the park.

Followed by a nice descent with river views.

Dressed for the commuter world championships.

See the hint of world champion’s stripes on the lycra worn under my shorts? There’s a few commuters telling their pals this evening that they beat a world champ on the way home. In any case, that’s all for today. I shall leave you with my People’s Grand Tour stats to date:

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