It’s mayhem at Rollerson Towers. Firstly an outside water pipe burst so I’ve had to go out and turn the water back on at the mains every time I’ve wanted to use some. Okay – that’s not particularly dramatic. It’s not as if I have to walk 10km to the local well and then carry the stuff back in a bucket on my head but please bear in mind that I am quite lazy. Then in the night, I was woken by a bang which turned out to be some drunks pushing over the builder’s portable toilet that is on our verge. Here is the scene from this morning:

I didn’t get nearer it than this. Who knows what’s leaked out?

I think the builder was a bit cross about this but let’s be fair, we’ve all got drunk and pushed something over in your youth, haven’t we?

Just the short way into work this morning, so for those wondering, it looks like this:

Cleverly skirting Subiaco and Leederville.

Wednesday is Kazuko’s training day in Kings Park so after work I rode there. Kazuko rides with her friends and I usually do intervals but I had nothing in my legs today so I was really just riding round and round. I did try quite hard on a couple of laps but couldn’t even bag a single Strava prize.

Another view from Kings Park.

And by the time we left, it was getting dark.

The city at evening. With a couple of newlyweds. And a tree.

And that’s about it. Here’s how the People’s Grand Tour looks at day five:

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