I knew it. I knew it was extraordinarily cold. It’s almost as if it was cold last September, and since then, it’s been warm and now it’s getting colder again. There should be a name for this phenomenon.

However, I didn’t have to experience this terrible cold weather as, at 2.30am, I was sound asleep in my bed. No, when I left home at half-past seven, it was a balmy 5.9C and the dew point was a crazy 3.6C*!

*I have no idea what dew point is.

Not only was it cold enough to be newsworthy but I slept in and had to take the short way to work for the third time this week. To make it more fun, I took my mountain bike, which meant I could ride more slowly but also go over more bumps.

Between my house and work is Hyde Park. On one side of Hyde Park is William Street, which is one of the main ways of getting into Perth in the morning. On the other side is Vincent Street, which is nice and wide with plenty of room for cars and bicycles unless you give up most of the street for parking and a median strip.

Lucky the motorists are all so patient when there’s a cyclist ahead of them.

But that’s okay, because you can just cycle through the park, can’t you? Oh hello, what’s that sign? Cyclists, diiiiiismount! Fair enough, the park should be a haven for the pedestrians, shouldn’t it? A safe, peaceful place away from the menace of cyclists and the motor vehi, vehi, hang on – what’s that behind the sign? Not a motor vehicle‽ Well, fair enough. Why park your car 50 metres away and walk when you can push your car into the park instead. Because you wouldn’t tell cyclists to dismount but let cars drive, would you? That wouldn’t make any sense at all. Of course you can bring your car to the park as long as you push it.

Get off your bike!

Why do you think they call it a park?

And then, with my reserves of heavy sarcasm almost depleted, I got to ride along one of the Town City of Vincent’s excellent bike lanes which makes use of that redundant space between parked cars and moving cars. Now what was the name for it again? Ah yes – the door zone.

Still, it’s better than nothing, eh?

To be fair, though, if the is the worst Perth has to offer, I think we are doing pretty well for cycling. It could be better but I’ve seen blogs from other parts of the world and it could be a hell of a lot worse, too.

And then on the way home, I saw a ferry:

That’s a ferry, out on the millpond.

And got passed by some cyclists.

Dude! Liquigas don’t ride Bianchi any more.

Which leaves my People’s Grand Tour looking like this:


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