Righto – very quick post today. I’ve just got home and have to head back out again. Well, it is Friday after all.

If I were a politician in Western Australia, today would be the day I release all the bad news because tonight’s news will be consumed with the weather. It got down (or plummeted if hyperbole is your thing) to 1.3C. The coldest May morning in 98 years! So cold Bruce Rollerson had to wear gloves! It was actually a really pleasant ride in lovely crisp air. Here are my morning snapshots:


Rare to see anyone sailing around here. Not much wind to push the boat along this morning.

Here’s how it looked from the other direction on the bridge.

And here’s a statue of a Dutchman. For cricket fans, those are the Waca lights to his right. I’ve probably already mentioned that somewhere in this blog, I think.

And that is the first week of the People’s Grand Tour done. Here are the stats to date:

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