I managed to drink a small ocean of red wine while watching last night’s giro stage. It all started at the bike shop where I stuck my nose in to find out how the week had been.

Matt, Steve and Nickiy. Steve is demonstrating how to open a beer bottle with your eye.

With the shop shut, it’s time for Vince to strip down the 105 off his Sempre sin preparation to install his new Super Record groupset.

And Steve demonstrates how to uncork a wine bottle with a track pump.

Matt and Nickiy came back to my place for dinner. I managed to crash into Matt at one intersection on the way home. Some would call this incompetence but it did at least buy Kazuko time to get home ahead of us and tidy up a bit. At home we discovered that a cache of old red cleanskin bottles that has been sitting in the kitchen for some time was actually drinkable.

And so I woke up a bit rough this morning. Luckily the only person I’d arranged to ride with was Kazuko and she likes to sleep in. We decided to ride somewhere flatter than the hills for a change so ended up doing a lap of the Swan and Canning rivers. We hadn’t done this for a while so it was a bit nostalgic.

Here’s the course.

Here’s Kazuko somewhere in Nedlands.

Here’s Freshwater Bay.

And here’s Kazuko looking over Freshwater Bay.

And finally, here’s Perth in the distance.

Sleeping in worked in out favour as we missed the morning chill and rode in weather as good as you can hope for. And without all those hills, it was easy kilometres. Kazuko should reach her target of 1000km for the month some time tomorrow and I’m off to the hills again. It should be a struggle out of bed as it’s an early start but I can’t get to bed before they get to the top of the Stelvio tonight.

PGT Day eight


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