I struggled to wake up this morning so I’ve declared a rest day from the People’s Grand Tour. I still rode 5km to work and back, so I can still qualify as having ridden every day but I’m pretty happy to give the legs a little rest. I checked my calendar and it turns out I’ve ridden every day so far this month. This probably also explains why I’m eating like a horse. I’m down to 78kg – almost certainly as little as I’ve weighed since I left university and suddenly my stomach seems to want to catch up. Luckily, I can eat all I want this week as my top secret plan to boost my PGT kilometres is to do a 600km audax ride this weekend. In another stroke of luck, next Monday is a public holiday so I can spend that day resting my weary legs.

On another note, how about that Ryder Hesjedal, eh? I was dozing off quite early last night so didn’t manage to see his ride in the final time trial but was pleased to wake to news of his win. Also pleasing to see Thomas De Gendt put a Bianchi back on a grand tour podium. And a top effort from young NZ rider Jesse Sergent to come third in the time trial. You can’t help feeling sorry for Mark Cavendish, though. If not for those early crashes, he’d have been one of the very few people to ever win the points jerseys in all three grand tours.

In any case, here are my People’s Grand Tour stats up till today:


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