Back to the normal commute today, although I get to do it at a leisurely pace this week as I save my energy for this weekend’s audax ride. The weather is boringly fantastic with chilly mornings and still, sunny days. The river is glassy and I see a lot of ripples from fish surfacing but haven’t been lucky enough to see a dolphin yet.

On the way home, I bumped into Claudia (you’ll remember her from PGT day one), who was running late and hoping to get home before it got dark. Alas I couldn’t help by lending her my light as, although it has an excellent, bright light that last for a good three hours or more, it tends to go flat very quickly if I haven’t charged it for a while. When I arrived at work this morning, I checked it and it worked but as I went to leave, the darn thing was dead. So instead, all I could offer Claudia was my draft as far as the Narrows Bridge. I’m sure she got home in good time. Because I was busy leading her out, I didn’t get her photo, so all I can offer you is this picture of the bike path, which is not at all dissimilar to all the other pictures of the bike path that you can see on this site.

Yes, it’s a path and a clear blue sky.

If you look down the path, you can see the two fat old guys who overtook me. I think the guy at the front was going flat out to show off to the guy on his wheel. I caught up to him later, once the wheelsucker had turned off. He seemed a bit out of breath.

People’s Grand Tour Grandmaster Lionel Birnie bemoaned on his blog the absence of people waving any more and made me realise that I, too no longer wave. I’m not sure when I stopped. I used to wave to the oncoming commuters who I recognised. Some of them would wave back and some would stare ahead, quite stony-faced. I always made a big of giving especially big, cheery waves to those guys. I caught one off guard once and he waved back but the next day he returned to his usual self. Anyway, I can’t even remember when I stopped waving but there are so many bicycle commuters these days that I don’t think I can keep track of who I do or don’t know any more. And anyway, I’m so blind I very often don’t even recognise my own friend unless they wave to me first.

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