Ohhh – these chilly mornings. They’re chilly aren’t they? I stuck my big toe out from under the covers this morning and decided to go back to sleep for a bit. Even the shower was quite hard work. It’s warm under the shower but as the shower is in the bath tub, it’s a bit of a challenge to get the shampoo from its place at the end of the bath. Needless to say I rode the short way to work this morning.

I managed the long way home, though. The weather’s still perfect once it warms up. On the way home, I managed to recognise and wave to someone I know. It was Byron. We stopped for a quick chat and he only mildly accused me of madness for wanting to ride 600km this weekend. We also talked time trials. Byron is pretty quick on his TT bike but at the last event he rode on his latest acquisition, a Bianchi FG Lite previously belonging to Mario Cipollini, and managed to do better than 40kmh. Pretty impressive riding on a road bike.

Have you noticed yet that we all seem to like Bianchis?

There was no more waving to be done but I noticed I did get a few friendly nods as I rode along so maybe the cycling camaraderie is not yet dead.

And speaking of camaraderie, I’m finding Strava is generally a positive force. I’m enjoying following people here and there and dishing out the occasional kudo. I know I find it encouraging when I get a kudo from someone. On the other hand, as I’ve pointed out before some of the segments are downright antisocial. Although I call our paths cycling paths (because I speak English), the correct bureaucratic term for them is PSPs or Principal Shared Paths because, in fact, people walk on them as well. This is reason enough not to have any Strava segments on shared paths. The last thing anyone needs is walkers being cleaned up by people chasing Strava records. So I was surprised to note on my commute home that there is a segment called Crash Bang Wallop – blind sprint. Obviously for the full Alan Partridge effect, it should be called Crash Bang Wallop, What a corner! Nonetheless, the name encapsulates the spirit of this corner. Actually it’s a couple of corners. Here is the approach:

As you can see, it’s pretty hard to see if anyone is around that corner.

The first blind corner is immediately followed by a second one. I can see those people but is there oncoming traffic?

And here are some people using the path.

And here’s the final blind turn.

Followed immediately by the sun in your eyes. Obviously the sun moves in the sky and is not always exactly in this place.

And the fastest speed on this Strava section is 53kmh. I’m proud to be 191st.

And here is my PGT progress to date:

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