It didn’t take much into this morning’s commute for me to realise that it had been a mistake not to take a raincoat. The weather had looked alright (take that, Paul Brians) when I peeked out from the verandah before leaving but it was clearly turning.

When the clouds are like this, I like to pretend that the bright bits at the top are actually the snowy peaks of a distant range of mountains that has sprung up overnight.

It was indeed an excellent morning to test the sprinklers.

These clouds told me that something was up.

I got to work without getting wet but by home time, it was very dark outside. There was also a bit of lightning. I’d just decided to go home the short way when I discovered I had forgotten my key. I was going to have to hang about my parents’ place until Kazuko finished work so I decided I might as well go the long way anyway – you can only ever get so wet.

Waiting for my Garmin to find the satellites. You can see my shorts already starting to get wet.

As it turned out, the rain didn’t last all that long. By the time I got through Kings Park, it had just about stopped. I did get through Kings Park pretty slowly, though, after I discovered my brakes weren’t doing such a great job of stopping me with a bit of water on them.

I had been thinking I’d be able to get a photo of Perth hiding behind the rain, but I got this rainbow instead.

Rainbow and boathouse.

On the way home, I discovered a new piece of graffiti.

I think we can all guess what happened to Mal here.

And then I hung about at my parents’ for an hour waiting for Kazuko to come past. You’re probably thinking to yourself that the title of this post is I got wet, yet I haven’t really got very wet yet. Don’t be disappointed. As soon as we left mum and dad’s, we got a full dose of rain all the way home.


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