I think I’m all better now. Thank goodness my post-audax appetite has waned. Yesterday I ate my lunch at morning tea time and had to buy a second lunch. I followed that up with the full packet of biscuits from yesterday’s photo, topped it up with biscuits from another packet and then had a massive bowl of carbonara for dinner followed by rice pudding. And this morning I still weighed a kilo less than I did on Saturday morning.

I still couldn’t get out of bed in time for the long commute today but by the end of work I was raring for the full commute home. Just to test the legs out, I did the whole thing into a headwind. I went pretty slowly anyway and there was no zing in the legs but I have a feeling I’ll be trying to break the Crash Bang Wallop record tomorrow. Or kill someone else trying.

Luckily I avoided the rain on the way home but here’s how the city looked from across the river:

Bit cloudy over Perth.

The headwind slowed me down today but there was another reason as well. Half-way along the South Perth path, I was passed by another cyclist, which isn’tall that unusual these days. However, I’ve never seen anyone pass me at a decent speed and then slow down again as quickly as this chap. I make it a bit of a policy not to pass someone who has just passed me as that could be perceived as the signal to start a commuter race so I was stuck sitting a few bike lengths back from this guy. I was hoping the flash from my camera might start him into action but I fear he must have used up all his energy in catching me. I was quite relieved when he turned off the path and I could speed up again.

Yes, now that you’ve passed me, feel free to take your time.

And that’s it. With four days to go, my People’s Grand Tour tally has finally passed 1400km.

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