I had a first aid course to do yesterday so I couldn’t commute on the bike as I usually do. I didn’t want to skip another People’s Grand Tour stage, so I got up early for a bit of riding on the indoor trainer. Kazuko often has an indoor ride before work so we took the chance for a bit of quality husband and wife time together.

Getting ready to ride.

We’ve got a fancy trainer that interacts with the computer and a simple one as well. I just wanted to do a steady ride so ended up putting my headphones in and listening to my favourite Japanese pop group, Puffy. In the middle of the ride, I heard a noise in my ear, which was Kazuko trying to say something. I got the headphones off in time to hear her saying: “30 to 2. They will teach you this in the course.” That was it. All I got from her. I think she was playing mind games with me. She was right, though. They did teach me that in the course. I got 30km in, then had time for a quick shower and to walk into town for the course.

After the course, I stuck my nose in to the bike shop on the way home, where I shared a quiet beer with the chaps and we had a go at the CPR dummy they gave me from the first aid course. Kazuko and Chong also dropped in and Chong ended up doing some Face Off with the CPR dummy.

Not sinister at all.

Kaz and I ended up having dinner with Matt and Nickiy at the Thai restaurant round the corner from our place and this resulted in my sleeping in too long to make the Elite Racing Cycles 6.30am shop ride this morning.

I had arranged to meet Chong there but I was woken by a text message from him telling me he had hit a pothole and gone home to check his fork out properly. He was going to meet me later in the ride. I had to admit I wasn’t out of bed, so we decided to go for a ride together once he’d checked his bike out. Kazuko was still sound asleep at this point but Chong took long enough that by the time he arrived, Kaz was out of bed and ready to join us. We decided to do the Two Rivers ride that Kaz and I did a couple of weeks ago, after the last time we went out with Matt and Nickiy.It may have to be renamed the Hangover Course.

It was fairly cool this morning but also dry so the riding was quite pleasant. At one point, Chong took us up a hill I hadn’t been up before.

Chong was the early pacesetter.

Kaz gave the traditional Japanese V sign before launching her attack.

Chong counter-attacked.

But I think we all know it was always going to be me who was punching the sky at the top of the hill.

Near the end, we stopped for a coffee and muffin. Looks like we all took our number one bikes out today.

All the good bikes came out. Look at Chong’s flash wheels.

Kazuko gets ready to tuck into her two muffin-halves.

And Chong demonstrates how he would look with no arms.

While we were eating, we noticed a chap who appears to have filled his bottle with sports drink so he could ride to his favourite bus stop to read his book, smoke a cigarette and drink a flavoured milk.

I bet he tells the missus he rides 100km.

It’s the last day of the People’s Grand Tour tomorrow so, like the Giro of Italy, I’m ending it with a time trial. The weather forecast sounds quite grim and I’ve decided not to put the aero bars on so I don’t expect to be breaking any personal records but it should be a fun way to end the PGT. The ride there and back should bump the kilometres up over 1600 as well.

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