Not only have I not written since the People’s Grand Tour conclusion but I haven’t ridden such a lot, either. The PGT finished at exactly the right time as the weather became perfect for taking it easier – wet, cold and windy. I’ve been riding the mountain bike to work more often than not. In any case, as a direct result of laziness, I haven’t posted the People’s Grand Tour results, but I will now. First of all, if I hadn’t had that rest day after the 600km brevet, I would have finished second overall. Never mind, I needed the rest and at least I still beat BMC pro rider Marco Pinotti, who spent a whole two lazy days off his bike:

Just me and PGT mastermind Lionel Birnie on 22 days’ riding.

And I also managed to get on the podium in most of the minor categories:

I was just beaten off the podium in K/QOM and I didn’t stand a chance in the young rider category.

Alas, I don’t stand a chance in the next People’s Grand Tour. I was hoping it would fall during my Japanese holiday so I could really rake in the kilometres but instead it starts just after I finish my 1500km brevet grand tour so I will be both exhausted and then on a plane back to Australia. I think I’ll be lucky to ride the 10 days needed to qualify.

But there has been more cycling action than just the PGT. Kazuko has been to Elite Racing Cycles and negotiated herself an excellent deal on a mountain bike so last Sunday we hit the trail for her first time. We met up with Uncle Jason and French Louis, and cycled out to the Goat Farm, which is the nearest mountain bike track.

Here she is waiting at Maylands for Uncle and Louis.

Here’s our course out there:

Mainly onroad.

That loop at the end is Goat Farm but from about under the n in Midland we were at least off road on the old railway heritage path, which is a gravel track where a train line used to be.

Waiting at the start of the heritage trail.

The real fun started at Goat Farm, which has a nice single track loop and also a little skills park, where I was able to crash off a log quite spectacularly. I was fine until my bike fell on top of me after I’d gone over its handlebars. We all managed to crash. I managed to catch Kazuko’s first fall on video but she was doing quite after that until she was foolish enough to say out loud that she thought she was quite good at mountain biking. Naturally she came off again quite quickly after that. Nonetheless, she enjoyed it so much, she’s even created a facebook persona for her new mountain bike. And here’s how the day looked on video:

But hold on. This post’s headline says new bikes but I’ve only mentioned one. There’s another new bike but it gets its grand unveiling on Sunday.


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