Day five

We rode out of the mountains and on to the coast today. And we did it a little faster than expected, mainly because all the places we wanted to stop at were not yet open for the day. The mountain scenery was pleasant and the flat coastal landscape made a nice change.

We arrived at our campsite at 1pm and for the first time all trip, we got a bit chilly because of a cool wind from the sea. We hid in the bathhouse for a while and then took a bit of a walk before having the local specialty of scallops for dinner.

By the time we had had our feed, there were a few more people in the camp ground, including an old guy cycling with two junior high school boys. They had just started their trip that day. He is 71 years old and the grandfather of one of the boys. The other one is a neighbour. They came from Osaka on the ferry to Otaru and then caught the train up to Wakkanai. They are now cycling across Sapporo’s north-east coast which, I imagine, will take them nearly two weeks. Hopefully by the end, he’ll have trained them in putting up a tent so he doesn’t have to do it every night.

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