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It was beautiful on top of the mountain this morning. The clouds covering the mountain behind us had cleared and we could see the volcanic steam coming out of its side. We packed up the tent and descended into the clouds. We took about an hour to descend the 30km to Biei, where we stopped for a can of coffee from the convenience store.

Our plan for the day had been to stop at Asahikawa but as it only took us about two hours to ride the 50km to get there, we decided to push on further, once we were finished with the free wi-fi at the tourist information centre.

We rode up route 40, which is the main road north so there was a bit of traffic but it was still a pretty pleasant ride with fields and mountains either side of us. I didn’t get the camera out much, though, as I was a bit nervous about riding one-handed with the odd truck steaming past us.

So far, we’ve managed to ride 100km each day without really meaning to. Because we are camping this year, we don’t have to book in advance. We have a rough idea of how far we’ll get but if the riding is going well, we just consult the book of camp sites and push on further. We may do another 100km tomorrow, or, for all I know, we may do 40km and decide to put our feet up for a bit.


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