Day seven.

First day of rain. It was a bit miserable. I’m relying on dodgy wi-fi connections at roadhouses along the way, so I can upload photos quickly bit sorting out text and captions etc. takes too long. Should get some text up sooner or later, though. Does anyone know a way to write and lay out (pictures, captions etc.) so I only have to press send once and get the whole post up? At the moment, have to load up the pictures separately, can’t do the captions until they are online. It’s a pain.

Actually, that bit of writing above sums up the day fairly nicely. It wasn’t too bad. If you tour Hokkaido, you’re going to get rained on eventually. Annoyingly, we rode all the way north into a mild headwind and as soon as we got to the tip, the weather turned and we’ve had to ride into a headwind again. Luckily, it wasn’t a long day’s ride.

It started as just a misty morning but the mist soon turned into rain and the wind came up. Kazuko doesn’t like riding into the wind much and became ominously quiet. Every time I looked over my shoulder, she had fallen behind so I’d slow the pace to try and give her some protection from the wind. Eventually, we paused at an intersection where we had hoped there might be some shelter but there was none and she pulled up next to me and said: “Can’t you go any faster? It’s tedious!”. I knew something was going to be my fault. We managed the last hour in good time. We were wet and a little cold so we decided not to bother camping and stayed at a local minshuku (a kind of boarding house).


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