Touring Hokkaido Day Eight: Teshio to Tomamae

Day eight.

It was a pretty straight-forward day riding along the coast today. The weather got better again but as we headed south, the coastal road also got a bit busier with traffic. Kazuko is getting better at sitting on my wheel most of the way up the climbs and then sprinting past me just before the top to grab all the Queen of the Mountain points.

Lunch was sashimi with surprise squid. The sashimi came out with a nice-looking bit of squid until I realised that the squid hadn’t actually been dismembered. All they done was slash it up a bit and then cook it in its own sauce. Removing the spine didn’t trouble me too much and nor did eating its insides. I have no argument with offal.In fact, I like a bit of tripe and have fond memories of having brain sausage for breakfast one morning in Germany (lovely with a bit of sweet mustard). But I generally have to draw the line at eating something’s head. So while I was enjoying my sashimi salmon, scallops and prawns, the squid head was lurking there in the background. Quite literally staring at me. In the end I had no choice and popped it in my mouth. The squid was nice and soft but there was something in there that was softer. best not to think what that might be. The beak was crunchy but not as hard as you might think. More like that brown bit between the peanut and its shell. The eye was quite hard, though. I had to spit that out. Then, after lunch, I had to eat some cake from my bag to take the taste out of my mouth. Actually, the taste was quite nice. There’s just something a little off-putting about eating something’s head, isn’t there?

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11 Responses to Touring Hokkaido Day Eight: Teshio to Tomamae

  1. Damian says:

    Unless you’ve recently undergone a fundamental (really, really fundamental) change, I’d recommend against being bothered by your string of defeats in the QoM contest. You don’t qualify. Please tell me I’m not wrong.

    • Rollo says:

      Actually this was the puzzle I had when writing that sentence. It was going to be wrong one way or the other. I decided they are magic points whose name changes depending on the gender of the winner. Although personally I’d be quite happy to refer to King Elizabeth.

  2. Damian says:

    My wife just read this, and she’s pointed out that you might just be a good husband, who always gives his wife a lead-out in the sprint for QoM points (she appeared to be making some implicit comparison between you and me here, but it went completely over my head). Perhaps she has a point. But I’m not sure that inter-gender lead-outs are legal. I’ll have to check with the UCI.

    • Rollo says:

      Except for the times that Kaz thought she had the win but I was able to claw back the lead. I think winning KoM points necessarily entails losing wifey points.

      • Damian says:

        Good. I’ll let my better half know that Rollo isn’t the paragon of spousal cycling virtue she might have thought. I may be able to get her to restore some recently forfeited wifey points.

        • Rollo says:

          I hate to have to tell you this but wifey points, once lost, can never be regained. You just have to keep working for fresh ones.

          • Damian says:

            Ah, yes, the wifey points rules. Never really been able to figure them out. But then, I think that is itself one of the rules ;-)

  3. James says:

    I was fine until you started talking about its ‘beak’. Don’t like that word. Fills me with horror. Not like a bird’s beak now is it? No, it’s altogether far nastier than that.

  4. chong says:

    I think Kazuko is still playing tricks on you like you’re a tourist. Perhaps that head isn’t meant to be eaten. If she wrote a blog, I wonder if there would be a description about the idiot who tried to eat the whole squid.

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