Touring Hokkaido: Days 10-12

Day ten.

Day eleven.

Day twelve.

Yes, so, the tour finished but then I didn’t find the time between getting back to Sapporo and then leaving again on my ridiculous audax adventure to finish updating the blog. You can see the routes of the last few days above. There was, in fact, a rest day between days 10 and 11 where we stayed with in-laws in Nayoro. Then we had to ride quite far on the last couple of days to get back in time for appointments. It was a bit far for Kazuko and she managed to crash and hurt her wrist near the end. Her sister came out and picked her up and I rode the last 20km or so by myself. She’s ok now but says the wrist still hurts a bit. In any case, here are the photos from the rest of the tour:

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11 Responses to Touring Hokkaido: Days 10-12

  1. Damian says:

    Sorry to hear about Kazuko’s crash :( I hope she has a full recovery!

    I’m curious about your discovery of the Great Wall of China (in Japan). Do you have coords for that location by any chance?

    • Rollo says:

      Her wrist is still sore so we’d have to guess something is broken or sprained in there but I’m sure it’ll heal up over time.

      The Great Wall was in Kamikawa. It was quite impressive – at least two km long. We were just riding past and saw it. I noticed in town they seemed to be building more. I imagine it’s become some sort of city project.

      • chong says:

        If it’s a scaphoid fracture she could be in quite a bit of trouble, particularly because it doesn’t really heal up over time. At the very least though it should give you more time to enjoy more pudding. I mean, you might as well do so if you can’t enjoy yourself otherwise.

        • Rollo says:

          Luckily it’s on the wrong side of the wrist to be the scaphoid. I think she’s getting it looked at more closely when she’s back at work on Monday.

  2. Damian says:

    Oh, about that pudding you were heartlessly enjoying after Kazuko’s crash. I’m having trouble with some of the katakana on the container. I was expecting to see フラン&バニラ (flan & vanilla). Instead it says フリン&バニラ。What is フリン?

    • Rollo says:

      プリン is the transliteration of pudding. Looks odd but if you pronounce it out loud, it does sound like pudding. In Japan, pudding doesn’t mean dessert but a sort of thick custard with caramel sauce. During the latest audaxes, I became quite fond of pudding daifuku –

      • Damian says:

        Ah, thanks. I missed seeing the little circle thingummy that turns fu into pu. Those daifuku puddings look good! Can’t remember seeing them in my travels. Are they widely available, or just at one conbini chain?

        • Rollo says:

          I think I was getting them from 7-11, but it may have been Lawson. I’m sure I’ve seen tham at the supermarket as well, though. You’ll have to search one out when you are next in Japan.

  3. James says:

    I know all about the wrist injury….but I failed to pick up on where the ice was that she slipped on? Oh wait, there was none. Only dimwits like me go out on the ice. Once again I am in awe of the mileage that you have put in during the trip. Envious at the same time. Enjoy the rest and I hope Kaz feels better soon!

    • Rollo says:

      I’d forgotten about your little winter crash. It’s an annoying place to have an injury, isn’t it? Seems to be getting slowly better. I think Kaz’ll be back on the bike soon-ish. In fact, I’m only just getting back on myself after all those silly kilometres. I did something to my shin muscle and I’ve been limping for a week so I’m just taking it easy on the bike for now. Might be a little while before I can do some hard interval training again.

      • James says:

        Got to rest up if injured. My wrist took some time to feel 100% but it did return eventually. Not surprised that there would be some repercussion to your insane adventure – hope you feel better soon. Still insanely jealous at that ride by the way! Well done again.

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