In the massive gap between the last blog post and this one, apart obviously from not writing anything, I’ve started working at the bike shop on Saturdays. Yesterday, I managed to sell Pistol a Bianchi Impulso (for a song, naturally). So he’s gone from this:

Pistol increasing the carrying load of the bike.

To this:

That looks better, doesn’t it?

Clearly now is the time to destroy his new confidence so I took him for a ride in the Perth Alps. Kazuko came along as well to help wear him out. Pistol attacked the first hill we came to. He was easily the fastest to the top, which I believe helped instil a false sense of confidence for the rest of the ride, especially as the new bike feels much better than my brother’s old Giant, which he had been riding around on. Vacansoleil rode Impulsos in the Paris-Roubaix, you know. After softening him up, I found a nice, steep climb to take Pistol up and here’s how he looked near the top:

You could probably hear him puffing from wherever you were.

And here he is at the top.

We then took a relaxing ride through the scenic John Forrest park.

Here’s the park.

Here’s Kazuko in the park.

The view of Perth.

Pistol half-wheeling Kazuko. Nice-looking bike, the Impulso. Kaz’s Infinito isn’t so bad, either.


Kazuko showing Pistol a clean pair of heels up this climb.

He’s not really exhausted. That actually how he looks all the time.

We stopped to look at some water.

Personally, I think CB could have done a lot better than WR but there you go – love is blind.

I have to give it to Pistol – he’s always up for a challenge. I started racing up each hill, then waiting until I could hear Pistol’s puffing behind me. When he was nearly level with me, I’d take off again. Is this cruel? He thought he had me on a short climb near the end when I hadn’t expected an attack and he raced past me at quite a pace. Luckily that effort wore him out so he still couldn’t stay ahead to the top. However, no matter how cruel I am to him, he’s never short on enthusiasm. He has bet me a ham and cheese croissant that he can ride 500km this week. He may just do it – he’s very proud of his new bike.










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