New bike

It turns out my biggest investment into cycling this year isn’t even a bicycle. We haven’t had a car since we left for Japan more than three years ago and we get by in our daily life quite nicely without one. However, we’ve finally decided that we need one to do all the mountain biking and time trialling we’d like so this week we picked up a Toyota Yaris. It has a motor, seats, doors and a radio. And it fits a couple of bikes in the back. More, once I get a roof rack sorted out. So this weekend, to test it out, I went for a Friday night mountain bike ride with Jason.

There she is! And there’s a car behind her.

It ws still light when we started. When we’ve done this before, we’ve had the track to ourselves but last Friday, there were a few other people about. By which I mean there were probably six of us on 18km of track. Crowded.

Here’s Jason telling me to get a shift on.

And here’s where Kazuko fell off last time we came here. It is a sharp wee drop.

Really – who answers the phone in the middle of a mountain bike ride?

Then this morning, we had the luxury of driving to the first time trial of the new season. Usually the ride to Champion Lakes makes for a good warm up but we had a front come through in the night and it was quite wet out. Kaz and I started warming up when we got there but when we saw some nasty dark clouds heading for us, we went straight back to the warmth and shelter of the new car.

Hoping the rain (and a little hail) passes before our start.

It was a wet ride and I got dirt all over my race number but the best part was not having to ride home at the end of it all. I hate cars, but sometimes, they’re not too bad, are they?

My race number got all dirty.





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10 Responses to New bike

  1. Uncle Burger Buoy says:

    Nice pics Prof! I like the helmet/sunnies car pic. Was it so wet and windy your bowels went loose on the TT? I’m not entirely sure after reading and seeing the dirt on your race number, that’s all.

    • Rollo says:

      I don’t wear my race number that low. And it actually want too windy during my ride although it did rain at one point. I reckon all those guys that beat me must have got better wind, though. I can’t see any other explanation.

  2. Uncle Burger Buoy says:

    hahahaha. Most definitely the wind factor. You know, for some silly reason I thought the number was on the seatpost. Must be from looking at uncle’s bike after the corporate tt last week. Maybe it’s just all the drinking i’ve been doing these few weekends destroying my mind, and my waistline.

    • Rollo says:

      To be fair, it does look like the number is hanging off the saddle. Still – this crazy drinking of yours. Two whole half pints of peach cider in one sitting. You know that’s as many calories as two Mars bars.

  3. Uncle Burger Buoy says:

    Now I feel even worse knowing those kilojoules are going to my waistline. How will I ever continue to wear my emo-jeans.

  4. Uncle Burger Buoy says:

    …and I really do like your photography, Professor. I demand you explore your photojournalistic talents more and continue with the Blog o’ Rollo!

    • Rollo says:

      I need to remember where I put the good camera and that nice macro lens. And my fountain pen for that matter – nothing to do with photography, I just can’t seem to find it.

  5. chong says:

    It’s a shame I’ve missed out on both the MTB and the TT with you. At this point though, the only thing I can do is to keep talking and making you believe that if I weren’t either working, tired from work, or otherwise occupied, that I would be beating you on the trail and the road.

    Also, has Mike Ng seen what you’ve done to your wheels?

    • Rollo says:

      We must tee up a good long ride together. A Friday night ride may actually be the best opportunity. Valley of Garden of Death in the Dark? I can ride my Zipps – I hosed all the sand off them.

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